Tricks Of The Trade_ Making Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out At Closed Industry-Only Events

Most companies find that the general buying public is much more easily impressed at a trade exhibition than industry insiders and members of the industry press. Yet almost all fields will host industry-only events, open solely to professionals within the field and a select few members of the press. If you can create a buzz at a closed show, then you are well positioned to have media coverage after the fact. In order to create a buzz, you need to know how to make your company stand out from hundreds or thousands of your closest competitors.

Step 1: Use Industry Knowledge To Your Advantage

When you are attending an industry-only event, you have home field advantage. You know exactly what someone in your field would consider novel or interesting because you are a part of that field yourself. Trust your instincts during the design process; if you believe that a particular idea will draw attention during the show, you are probably right.

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8 Jurassic World Hack Secrets You Never Knew

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Mexico’s businesses edge of debt crisis

Flickr / Orin ZebestStanding on the edge of a cliff.In the emerging markets, private-sector debt has become a doozie: In 2014, EM non-financial corporate debt reached a record high of 83% of GDP, up from 67% in 2009. The problem is that part of this debt is denominated in a foreign currency.
Between 2015 and 2017, some $645 billion of non-financial corporate debt will mature in emerging markets, with USD-denominated bonds accounting for around $108 billion, warns the Institute of International Finance. And with non-performing loans already rising while the dollar strengthens, some EM banks, particularly those that have increased their foreign-currency lending, could face serious challenges.
The countries that have seen the largest increases in non-financial corporate indebtedness are China, Brazil, and Turkey. But Mexico is not far behind. According to a new report in El Financiero, in the first half of 2015 the total debt of a sample of 50 publicly listed companies had risen 22% year-over-year.
The main reason? The peso�s decline against the dollar. In the last year alone, the Mexican peso has lost 21% of its value against the dollar. Corporations can borrow more cheaply in dollars. But as the peso falls against the dollar, the dollar-denominated debt held by Mexican corporations with peso-denominated operating income becomes increasingly difficult to service. A recipe for a debt crisis.
A Debt Binge
The Mexican companies most affected include Am�rica M�vil (AM�vil), Axtel, Alfa, TV Azteca and ICA, all of which have a large portion of their debt denominated in dollars.According to financial analyst Carlos Ponce, this debt can be expected to continue growing – and not just as a result of the strengthening dollar:
We are still in a context of exceptionally low interest rates and it�s likely that many companies have decided to take advantage of this by applying for more debt with favorable conditions.
In the second quarter of 2015, the debt in dollar terms of Am�rica M�vil and Axtel exploded by 37% and 48% respectively. In the case of Alfa, TV Azteca and ICA it grew by 29%, 32%, and 20% respectively. Other companies also increased their debt.
Over the last five years, the external debt held by Mexico�s private businesses (in pesos) has increased by 86%. In nominal terms, the total amount has reached 1.69 trillion pesos (roughly $105 billion), 117% more than at the beginning of 2010. And if anything, the pace is quickening as fears rise that the Federal Reserve may raise rates in September.
It�s an ironic twist: out of fear that the Fed may be about to take away the ZIRP punch bowl, some of Mexico�s biggest corporations are embarking on one last dollar borrowing binge.
Limited Arsenal
For some of those companies it could be a bender to end all benders, as the Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements cautions. In a report ominously titled �When the Financial Becomes Real,� the BIS notes that the external debt in Mexico is the fourth highest of 17 emerging economies. The three economies ahead of Mexico are Chile, Malaysia and Peru.
Yet more worrisome is the report�s warning that the mobilization of international reserves to cover �imbalances� (i.e. liquidity shortfalls) in the financing of the private sector is �limited�. Put another way, the unlimited assistance that U.S. and European banks and corporations enjoyed during the first leg of the Global Financial Crisis will not (indeed cannot) be extended to the banks and corporations of emerging economies like Mexico.
The size of the Bank of Mexico�s arsenal to deal with dollar-based debt problems pales in comparison with that of the Fed. It can�t print dollars. It has to use foreign exchange reserves. Like Chile and South Africa, it has only between 10% and 20% of its GDP in foreign exchange reserves. It can print pesos all it wants to, but that won�t solve a dollar debt crisis.
The unraveling of Mexico�s bloated corporate debt is just one of a number of risks posed by a rising dollar. Arguably the greatest threat is a dramatic reversal of foreign investment flows.
Since the Fed alighted on its madcap scheme to flood the global economy with cheap, easy-come-easy-go dollars, high-yield seeking �hot money� has poured into emerging markets. Much of it ended up in Mexico, one of comparatively few Latin American economies to have completely liberalized its financial sector and whose currency is now the eighth most traded on the planet. In other words, it�s a trader�s paradise.
If the Fed were to do the previously unthinkable and begin raising interest rates, it would significantly temper investor appetite for risky emerging market assets. Just as happened in the 1994 Tequila Crisis, footloose �hot money� would flee countries like Mexico in pursuit of rising U.S interest rates.
In its so-called Article IV consultation with Mexican authorities, the IMF warned that �a surge in financial market volatility, triggered for example by a disorderly normalization of U.S. monetary policy, could lead to a reversal of capital flows and an increase in risk premia.�
If that were to happen, the consequences would be dire, not only for Mexico – a country that has already witnessed its fair share of debt crises – but for the broader Latin American economy. And just like the Latin American crises of 1982 and the mid-nineties, the fallout could even spread northward. Only this time, the amounts would be vastly larger, and the consequences bigger.
Read the original article on Wolf Street. Copyright 2015. Follow Wolf Street on Twitter.
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Effective Viral Marketing Techniques To Get More Visitors To Your Site

A viral marketing company or SEO company can offer effective viral marketing techniques to get more visitors to your site. The greater the number of visitors, the greater is the opportunity for conversions. More traffic to your website can also lead to higher search rankings. Viral marketing, if carried out the right way, can bring about more benefits to your overall search engine performance and make your website and business conspicuous and popular.

What Makes Up Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing basically consists of images, videos, free software downloads, Flash movies, or anything that easily attracts people, that are posted in the social networking websites. Attractive or useful posts or messages will be shared by viewers and in no time would be all over the Internet. It is a great Internet marketing opportunity. Without sharing, the viral message isn’t viral. So your Internet viral marketing campaign must contain messages or posts that people would want to pass on.

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Buying a Florida Business

To sell or buy a business in Florida is not an easy task and can be quite daunting. The most important thing is the research and it requires lots of research to be done while making decision to buy or sell a property. Florida business brokers can be of great help for this task. They are well experienced people and they would lead you to the right way.

At present with the economy facing a down turning revolution it is the best time to buy or sell a business in Florida. Many business ends up to be on sale as they are not making any remarkable profits and their income is not equivalent to their outflow of cash. But remember this is not the reason behind the sale of every business. Many a times business is kept on sale by the owner as he does no have anyone to take care of and he wants to retire in life. Also relocation is a solution for this problem.

Current period is the best time to buy or sale a business and to step in to it first of all make sure what kind of business are you looking for. Research online about your desired business and you can do this online. Your options can vary from opening a hotel to opening a beauty salon. Also if you love kids you can very well open a daycare. Even they are available on sale.
First of all decide on which business are you looking to buy and then decide the locality where you want your business to set up. Talk to a Florida business broker. They are specially trained people to help you get the best business deals. To get the right business your way you need to follow many steps and a Florida business broker can ease all your steps.

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