Uber Partners And Drivers

It used to be quite an exercise to pick up a taxi, especially during the so called “rush hours”. However, in recent times, a handful of companies have come to the rescue, the most famous (or infamous to some) being Uber. Through the use of a simple smartphone app, a customer can request a ride and Uber partners and drivers of Uber can be there in just a few minutes. All Uber drivers have GPS units as well as mobile phones so it is simple to take their passengers from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way. Uber may be the most popular and well-known of these services but it does have its competitors. Sidecar and Lyft are two of them and as time goes by, are becoming more well-known.
Surmounting the Challenges
Legacy transport services like traditional taxi services are pushing back against the growing dominance of Uber and its competitors. However, through word of mouth and social media advertising these companies were able to break through and compete and more lately able to fight off the pushback of taxi services. In California, Lyft, Sidecar and Uber were able to reverse a decision to stop their operations and California went on to embrace the fact that such modern ways of using transportation services are here to stay. 
Which one to use? Uber, Sidecar, or Lyft?
Uber is certainly the most well-known of the smartphone based services and thousands, if not millions use it. It also has a general reputation for being both low cost and efficient although at times it can be more expensive than a typical cab ride. Others prefer Lyft as it has gotten great customer service reviews. Sidecar has Facebook integration which for many is a plus for them. In the end it is best to ask someone you trust and then make up your own mind.

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